Surinamese kitchen & Bar


Where every bite tells a story

& Every sip, paints a picture.

Welcome to Monkamuki, Germany's first Surinamese restaurant, where we blend authentic Surinamese cuisine with the homey and cozy ambiance of Berlin flair.

Where you can forget about time and find peace of mind.

Our Monthly Program

Flavors of Suriname

From delicious curries to fragrant roti, and hearty stews, each dish bursts with Caribbean flair. Sweet and spicy notes melt together, while hints of Indonesian, African and Indian influences add depth.


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Vegetarian Icon

quick snack


g, c, so

c, g


baguette with slices ​of cucumber and red ​onions, with a filling ​of your choice:

  • chicken saté
  • Hete Kip

(spicy chicken)


Veggie Soup

Vegetable soup with, ​potatoes, celery, soy ​sprouts - served with ​a bowl of rice

Saoto Soup

Chicken soup with ​soy sprouts, 1 boiled ​egg, bowl of rice, ​soy sauce and ​madame Jeanette ​pepper

c, g



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potato fries

served with vegan ​mayo, ketchup and ​peanut sauce


served with peanut ​sauce

chicken saté

served with peanut ​sauce


c, so





g, c, so


Fried noodles, served ​with fried veggies and ​peanut sauce.

+ boiled egg

+ Brown chicken

c, so





Cinnamon Bun

filled with pineapple ​and raisins

Apple Crumble

served with vanilla ​ice cream and salted ​caramel



tuesday - friday:

2pm - 4pm

saturday + sunday: ​12pm - 4pm



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Vegetarian Icon


Classic Potato Fries 4,5

Served with vegan mayo, ketchup & peanut Sauce

Bakabana 6,5

In dough fried sweet plantain served with peanut sauce


Chicken Sate 7,5

4 marinated chicken skewers, served with peanut sauce

c, so,g

Vegetarian Icon


Veggie Soup 9

Vegetable soup with, potatoes, celery, soy sprouts, and bay leaves - served with a bowl of rice

+ 1 Boiled Egg 1

c, g

Saoto Soup (Chicken Soup) 10

Chicken soup with soy sprouts, 1 boiled egg, bowl of rice, soy sauce and madame Jeanette pepper


Vegetarian Icon


Bami 10

Fried noodles, served with fried veggies and peanut sauce.

+ 1 Boiled Egg 1

+ Brown Chicken 4

g, c, so

Rice, Tofu & Plantain 13,5

Crispy tofu, served in a red pepper sauce, cooked plantain, fried veggies and a side of pickled cucumber-onion salad.

+ Madame Jeanette Pepper 1,5

c, g

Rice, Chicken & Plantain 14,5

Chicken steak in brown sauce served with, cooked plantain, fried veggies and a side of pickled cucumber-onion salad.

+ Madame Jeanette Pepper 1,5

c, so, g

Roti with Chicken Kerrie 16

Chicken steak in yellow Kerrie, on a bed of Mash Potatoes served with fried veggies and Madame Jeanette

+ Boiled Egg 1

c, so


Classic Surinamese Cinnamon Bun 4

Filled with pineapples and yellow raisins, served with lime & vanilla frosting.

+ Brown Rum with 80% Alc. 2

d, g

Apple Crumble Cake 5

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with Salted Caramel.

d, g

Love for monkamuki

Quotation Mark

best peanut sauce in town

A hidden gem I’m more than glad to share!! Definitely the best peanut sauce in town and the roti with chicken kerrie is to die for.

- Mu’afi, Traveller

Quotation Mark

out of this world

The owners passion and care for amazing food and fab vibes shines thru. Also, their ginger beer is pure magic and their homemade hot sauce- yesss!

- Aïssa, Foodie

Quotation Mark

Just WOW!

Really great shop, we felt very welcome and would love to come back. A real enrichment for the neighborhood and the Berlin gastro scene!

- Florian, Neighbour

See you soon



Emser Str. 41, 12051 Berlin